Rns World School


Rns World School Somewhere I read " Organize your life around your dreams and watch them come true. Yes I found them coming true when my students come to school with smiling faces and go back home fully equipped with knowledge and determination. It is a miraculous achievement but unfortunately it goes unnoticed. A school is a place of worship which is not less than a temple because teaching learning process goes on both ways from teachers to students and vice versa. Education imparted there has multi dimensional facets which starts from academics to overall personality development to communication skills to learning process to co curricular activities to self discipline to sports to leadership qualities to exposure of hidden talents and goes on and on. This is exactly what we ensure in our school. It is an extremely difficult task but we perform it regularly with full devotion and commitment. It cannot be completely implemented without endless support of our parents who have always been highly co operative in ensuring the progress of the school. Due to this reason our school is attaining greater and greater heights day by day. With this confidence and determination, I WELCOME your heart loving wards here in the school to educate them in best possible way.